Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Reflections - BISCUIT

Before I made my latest feline acquisitions I formally had two fur babies who lived with me. Their names were Biscuit and Spiral.

Biscuit was named so because when he got really happy he'd "knead". Those of you are familiar with feline behavior know this as "milk treading", something kittens do to stimulate Mommy cat's belly to give more milk (like a farmer milking a cow).  My late Mom said it looked like he was kneading dough to make biscuits, so the name stuck.

Biscuit was a stray kitten that I met one evening on the way home from work. I had just gotten out of the subway and was crossing the street. As I crossed said street I noticed this black and white kitten crossing the street with me at my heels like a dog. When. I asked him where was he going (yes, I talk to cats and they talk back) he meowed at me as if to say "With you.". So I picked the little guy up and took him home with me.

Once I got settled I set him up with an old litter box I had from a previous cat, some food and water and went to sleep. Biscuit found his way into my bed and slept with me. Meanwhile my mom got up and saw him come out of my room and use the litter box. I thought she was going to be angry but she was delighted that we had another cat in the family.

You see my mom loved cats too. Plus, since she suffered from psychiatric issues, her doctor recommended that she have a pet to, keep her company, and keep her mind focussed on something other than her problems.
Soon after I noticed that Biscuit was always scratching his little ears, so I took him to the vet for a check up. I also wanted to see how old he was and if he was ready to be spayed.

The vet told me that he was too young (only 5 months) so I would have to bring him back in a months time. In the meantime she diagnosed Biscuits ear problem as ear mites, a common symtptom for stray kittens and cats who lived in the streets. She prescribed ear drops that I had to give him twice a day.

Up till now Biscuit was a very mild mannered and loving kitty. That swiftly changed when I had to give him his drops! Even though the vet showed me how to do it Biscuit wasn't having none of it. I fought with him for four days straight untill he realized the drops were actually helping him. Then he calmly let me put two drops in each ear twice a day until the bottle was finished.

After he was spayed, Biscuit settled in and was a wonderful feline companion to both my Mom and I.However, there was a small problem, well not so small to him. Biscuit was lonely. Whenever I left for work, my poor kitty would yeowl at the door while I waited in the hall for the elevator. Not only was his cries pitiable, but they were LOUD! I never knew such a small animal could produce such a ruckus! I often ran down the steps to avoid heari g his heart rending cries.
It was obvious Biscuit needed a companion kitty.

I will tackle that subject in my next post.

Dawn Skyy

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