Friday, February 28, 2014

Things I've Noticed

Like a mother, I've noticed certain things about my fur babies. I've had them for nearly a year and I'm still learning about their different traits.

Shadow still will not play nice when he eats. When I feed Darwin and Shadow, I still have to monitor them both. Shadow still tries to steal food from Darwin.

I've also noticed that Shadow growls when he eats. Yes, he growls like a dog. He went through that period when I'd first brought Darwin home. Poor Dar would panic and run, which was exactly what Shadow wanted.  Now, when Shadow growls Darwin looks at him like he's nuts and goes back to eating. Progress.

I've also started training Shadow not to growl. I use a fly swattered to tap them with when they are naughty. So, when Shadow growls I gently tap him on his head and tell him "no". He's slowly getting the message.

Note this only happens when I feed them canned food. Dry food I can leave and they will be civil.

I've also discovered that Darwin doesn't like tuna. What cat doesn't like tuna? Unfortunately  poor Darwin does. He will eat a bit of it and walk away. He like sardines and macrel tho.

He tends to eat a bit then does the litter box scratch on the floor to let me know It's yucky. But lately when I tell him eat a little more, he does.

I know, I sound like a momma with two kids. Well, I do have kids. Fur kids.....


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hear Ear...

I noticed the other day that Darwin is missing a tiny piece of his right ear. Since he was a rescue kitty, it could've been the result of a fight or an accident.

Funny they never mentioned it on his papers. Fiesty as he is, he probably never let anyone  get close enough to see. On any given day if you try to pet or touch Darwin, he acts like  "Cat Scratch Fever" is his personal theme song. He's all lightening quick claws and an occasion nip. The total opposite of Shadow who is an attention whore......

Darwin is starting to trust me a lot more now, and lets me touch him a little more.  So, like the typical human cat momma, I noticed......

An Author's Cat

Shadow shows he is a true author's cat. Here he's not playing with a catnip toy, but my pens and my reading glasses.......

Monday, February 3, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Do Cats Need Teddy Bears?

Apparently Darwin does! And hes taken a liking to my favorite Beany Baby!  Sigh, what's a human mother of Kitty cats to do? Let him slumber with it I say.....