Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Breakfast of Champions

I went grocery shopping yesterday and lo and what did I find. Breakfast for cats! That's right! So, while you eat eggs and bacon you can feed your kitties the same.

So I grabbed a couple of cans and toted them home to my slave masters. They eagerly awaited whilest verberly protesting that I was taking far too long to feed them.

How'd they like it? Shadow like that Mickey commercial eats anything. Darwin ate very little. I'm not surprised because he also hates tuna. So, Shadow won out because he scarfed his portion as well as Darwin's.

Later on after I woke up I found further evidence on the living room floor that Darwin hated the stuff. He'd hacked all up. What a mess.....

No more Kittie breakfast for Darwin. I'll just have to feed him something else. And I'll give the remaining cans to my favorite cat rescue shop.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Don't Sneeze!

I mentioned previously that Darwin meows every time I sneeze. He lives to hang out with me and due to allergies, I have those accursed sneezing spells. And Darwin will literally meow each time I sneeze.

Shadow on the other hand, will flee the area at the first sneeze! Perhaps he doesn't want me to sneeze on him or he doesn't like the sound, but he definitely gets in the wind.

By the way, I also discovered that Shadow is terrified of the sound of aluminum foil..... No matter how I try to sneak and pull a sheet off of the roll, the second he hears the crinkle, he's gone! 

Amazing, his Shadow thinks of himself as the leader of the pack and he is afraid of everything. Except food......


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lookit That Puss

Good grief! What kind of expression is that? 

I caught Darwin sleeping and snoring away, but as soon as I readied the camera..... well you see what happened.