Why Cats?

A Blog About Cats?

A wise person once said:
"God gave us the domesticated cat
so we can pet a tiger."
To that I will add: 
"Without getting your face ripped off!"

Why blog about cats? Simple, because I love them! I've loved and lived with cats for most of my life. My late Mom even told me a story about a male cat named Tony who watched over infant me in the crib. Supposedly whenever I cried he ran to my Mom and told her that I was crying. Imagine that!

This blog will be dedicated to my two newly acquired rescue kitties, Darwin and Shadow. Shadow is a Jet black 5 year spayed male, and Darwin is a 4 year old gray (or BLUE as it's known in feline circles). I brought both home about a month ago and we three are still getting used to each other.

At times I may also reminisce about my past kitties who both went to kitty heaven within three months of each other. Please forgive me if I get mushy.

For the love of felines.
Dawn Skyy

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