Monday, February 1, 2016

Old Baldy

I know I haven't made a post about my kitties in a long while. It as been extremely busy, with the holiday season, then the recent blizzard in NYC.......

Work has been a hot mess too. But, I thank God I have a job.

Now for my cats.

Last month my poor Kitty, Shadow was going absolutely nuts scratching and licking. It got to the point where he licked himself bald in several places! Yes, BALD!

LIKE a good detective, I had to figure out, what changed to make him like this? Was it a new food I introduced to his diet?  Was it peer harassment from Darwin? Yes, Darwin does bully him at times...... or was it the new litter?

It turns out that I could not get to the store where I usually bought litter, so I stopped in at a neighborhood supermarket and bought a substitute. Apparently, poor Shadow had become allergic to this litter and went on a scratching and lacking frenzy!

So, I changed the litter and he has cut down on the scratching/licking/over grooming tremendously! Hopefully his fur will grow back.

Who knew?