Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kittie Complaints

As my final post of 2013 I chose this subject. You tell me if I have chosen well.

I always thought that in comparison to dogs, cats were quiet creatures. None of the barking, whining, slobbering and sometimes complete and utter destruction dogs do.

Boy was I ever WRONG!

Both Shadow and Darwin are noisy! First Shadow has a loud mouthed meow which can't be mistaken for any other. When I first got Darwin all he knew how to do is trill. Taking an example from Shadows playbook he now knows how to trill and yowl like a pro.

These two are not even quiet when they sleep.  The BOTH sore! First Shadow lays down and groans like a 90 year old man. He does nothing all day but sleep, yet he groans like he has arthritis. Get over it bro....

I think Darwin has allergies because sometimes he whistles through his nose and grunts. 

And don't let them have to groom. You hear swish, swish, scrape, scrape.....  Now I'm not supposed to hear this because I have tinnitus. I wonder if they are doing this on purpose?

Dawn Skyy

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Food Fight!

Seven months later feeding Shadow (left) and Darwin (right) is still trial and error.

I know for a fact that if I feed them dry food I can pretty much leave them alone. They will crunch up some and leave and return when they want to nosh.

However when I break out the canned food I have to stand right there and watch. Hence my faux, bright pink, Crock clad foot planted firmly between the two of them.

I've caught Shadow many a time using his front paws to scoop food out of Darwin's bowl, stuffing it into his mouth like a squirrel and dashing off.....

Who knew cats could be such characters?

Dawn Skyy

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hair Dryer Harassment

Yesterday I had to handle the monstrous task if washing and twisting my dreadlocks. I usually allow my hair to air dry. That's because I'm usually home and don't mind lounging around with drying hair inside.

However since I had to attend a class then straight from there go to work I had to change my game plan. Enter the portable blow dryer.

I had totally forgotten about my feline companions were lounging on my bed. I plugged it up, turned it on and watched  Darwin and Shadow litterally FLY out out of my bedroom! When I went to look for them both were huddled in a corner with bushed up tails.

Poor babies.........

Mind you I'm not used to this because my angel cats Biscuit and Spiral were not afraid of the blow dryer.

At least I know now how to get rid of them if need be....

Dawn Skyy