Friday, December 6, 2013

Hair Dryer Harassment

Yesterday I had to handle the monstrous task if washing and twisting my dreadlocks. I usually allow my hair to air dry. That's because I'm usually home and don't mind lounging around with drying hair inside.

However since I had to attend a class then straight from there go to work I had to change my game plan. Enter the portable blow dryer.

I had totally forgotten about my feline companions were lounging on my bed. I plugged it up, turned it on and watched  Darwin and Shadow litterally FLY out out of my bedroom! When I went to look for them both were huddled in a corner with bushed up tails.

Poor babies.........

Mind you I'm not used to this because my angel cats Biscuit and Spiral were not afraid of the blow dryer.

At least I know now how to get rid of them if need be....

Dawn Skyy

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