Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kittie Complaints

As my final post of 2013 I chose this subject. You tell me if I have chosen well.

I always thought that in comparison to dogs, cats were quiet creatures. None of the barking, whining, slobbering and sometimes complete and utter destruction dogs do.

Boy was I ever WRONG!

Both Shadow and Darwin are noisy! First Shadow has a loud mouthed meow which can't be mistaken for any other. When I first got Darwin all he knew how to do is trill. Taking an example from Shadows playbook he now knows how to trill and yowl like a pro.

These two are not even quiet when they sleep.  The BOTH sore! First Shadow lays down and groans like a 90 year old man. He does nothing all day but sleep, yet he groans like he has arthritis. Get over it bro....

I think Darwin has allergies because sometimes he whistles through his nose and grunts. 

And don't let them have to groom. You hear swish, swish, scrape, scrape.....  Now I'm not supposed to hear this because I have tinnitus. I wonder if they are doing this on purpose?

Dawn Skyy

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