Sunday, November 24, 2013

Who's Afraid of The Big Bad...... Combat Boots?

A few weeks ago I stopped at a shoe store and bought a pair of boots. I happen to be a fan of Doc Martens but can't afford a pair yet. So I bought the next best thing. Knock offs.

So I'm clomping around the house one day (by the way they are very comfy) and noticed that Shadow was fleeing from me. I didn't think anything of it until one day I went into the kitchen while both Shadow and Darwin were eating. Shadow took one look at me and scorched out of the kitchen like a bolt of lightning.

It was hilarious because as rolly polly as Shadow is he literally took off like Usaine Bolt at a Olympic track event!  This is also paradoxical because Shadow is supposedly the tuff guy of the two. He used to bully Darwin terribly at feeding times. Now he runs when he sees my boots........

One never knows with cats.......

Dawn Skyy

Friday, November 22, 2013

Who's The Nuttiest?

I've been trying to determine which of my cats have the nuttiest traits. Shadow gets cookified when comes to food. He sucks down all of his food in a minute then he goes after Darwin's. 

Poor Darwin used to run from Shadow because Shadow would growl and hiss like he's going to attack. Now I've noticed that Darwin has gained a some backbone. He no longer runs and he makes sure he eats everything before he leaves. Leaving not one crumb for Shadow to nosh on. 

However I noticed that Darwin likes to entertain himself. He loves to play with Shadow but he often plays too rough and Shadow winds up yowling and scurrying for cover. The big wuss.  So Darwin and I hang out.

Yesterday I noted that Darwin doesn't even need a toy to play with. Like a dog he was running round and round chasing his tail and lying on his back like an otter and playing patty cake with his hind and front paws.  I don't know about anyone else but I've never seen a cat behave like this. Perhaps its due to Darwin being a Chartreuse (which is a cat breed that has dog like traits).

What ever the reason he may looked nutty. But, Darwin was showing his human mommy that he could have fun all by himself.....

Dawn Skyy

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A New Bed

I have a tendency to grab things ahead of time when I see them. I had bought two of these petbeds at a discount store months ago. However, I was reluctant to give them to my furfaces because Darwin had a "deposit" problem.

Yesterday I broke down and put one out to see who'd claim it first. The winner was Shadow.  But last night when I got home look who I found maxing and relaxing in it?

Cute eh?

Dawn Skyy

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sir Pigeon Speaker

After feeding my cats yesterday morning I got to watch Darwin in action. I found out an additional fun fact about him. He is a "Pigeon Speaker".

What in the world is that? You ask.

Well here in New York City we have two very common species of birds. One is the sparrow, which are very cute by the way, and the Rock Dove. They are pigeons or better known by their New York City street name as "Flying Rats". Why?  Because they are filthy, carry diseases, their scat is like cement and can strip paint from a battle ship. They are also the scourge of my dear city because if you feed one pigeon one day, it will come back the next day with hundreds more of it's compadres the next.

There have been various unsuccessful champaigns to lessen the New York City pigeon population, including placing a hawk family on a high rise building on Central Park either East or West. They were hoping the hawks would keep down the flying pestilence...... but you'd need much more than just one family to do the job....

This brief history on native New York City fauna was brought to you by.....

Where was I? Oh yes, Darwin.

I've noticed after Darwin eats he gets frisky. He wants to play fetch, wants to wrestle with Shadow (which lasts all of two minutes because he whips Shadow's backside every single time), and most recently,  pigeon hunting.

Someone has been feeding the filty beasts from thier windowsill in my building (from one of the upper floors). As mentioned earlier when you do that, like clockwork the hoards will show up for thier free meal. One unfortunate participant was perched on my livingroom window. Darwin was sitting on my kitchen window sill looking at it (through the glass) and making loud chirpping noises.

It was as if he was calling the pigeon, "Here pigeon, pigeon, pigeon...."

Of course the pigeon was like "Heck no!" and flew away.

After all it was a New York City pigeon, and they like their four footed vermin cousins (the rats) are not stupid......

Dawn Skyy

P.S.  Yes cats do chirp. I learned this from a movie named "Duma" about an orphaned cheetah cub raised by a South African family and released into the wild. Chirping is a major form of communication between cheetahs as lions are their motal enemy.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Snack Attack

Apparently I can't even eat a snack in peace.  Especially if my snack just happens to be what Darwin and Shadow likes......  In this case it was diced, grilled chicken.

Dawn Skyy

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sick As a Dog!

I'm currently sick as a dog with the flu or a close approximation.

I know that cats are highly susceptible to colds so I tossed them out of my bedroom. For their own health.

Well, they wasn't havin' it! They scratched at my bedroom door. When that didn't work they stuck their paws under the door and yeowled their heads off.

Oh my goodness gracious me what ever should I do?  I let them in. And if they catch my cold I have plenty of cod liver oil to go around....

Dawn Skyy

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kitty Detante

Shadow and Darwin sleeping together. Sleep now for when naptime is over we fight.......

Dawn Skyy