Friday, November 22, 2013

Who's The Nuttiest?

I've been trying to determine which of my cats have the nuttiest traits. Shadow gets cookified when comes to food. He sucks down all of his food in a minute then he goes after Darwin's. 

Poor Darwin used to run from Shadow because Shadow would growl and hiss like he's going to attack. Now I've noticed that Darwin has gained a some backbone. He no longer runs and he makes sure he eats everything before he leaves. Leaving not one crumb for Shadow to nosh on. 

However I noticed that Darwin likes to entertain himself. He loves to play with Shadow but he often plays too rough and Shadow winds up yowling and scurrying for cover. The big wuss.  So Darwin and I hang out.

Yesterday I noted that Darwin doesn't even need a toy to play with. Like a dog he was running round and round chasing his tail and lying on his back like an otter and playing patty cake with his hind and front paws.  I don't know about anyone else but I've never seen a cat behave like this. Perhaps its due to Darwin being a Chartreuse (which is a cat breed that has dog like traits).

What ever the reason he may looked nutty. But, Darwin was showing his human mommy that he could have fun all by himself.....

Dawn Skyy

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