Monday, November 11, 2013

Sir Pigeon Speaker

After feeding my cats yesterday morning I got to watch Darwin in action. I found out an additional fun fact about him. He is a "Pigeon Speaker".

What in the world is that? You ask.

Well here in New York City we have two very common species of birds. One is the sparrow, which are very cute by the way, and the Rock Dove. They are pigeons or better known by their New York City street name as "Flying Rats". Why?  Because they are filthy, carry diseases, their scat is like cement and can strip paint from a battle ship. They are also the scourge of my dear city because if you feed one pigeon one day, it will come back the next day with hundreds more of it's compadres the next.

There have been various unsuccessful champaigns to lessen the New York City pigeon population, including placing a hawk family on a high rise building on Central Park either East or West. They were hoping the hawks would keep down the flying pestilence...... but you'd need much more than just one family to do the job....

This brief history on native New York City fauna was brought to you by.....

Where was I? Oh yes, Darwin.

I've noticed after Darwin eats he gets frisky. He wants to play fetch, wants to wrestle with Shadow (which lasts all of two minutes because he whips Shadow's backside every single time), and most recently,  pigeon hunting.

Someone has been feeding the filty beasts from thier windowsill in my building (from one of the upper floors). As mentioned earlier when you do that, like clockwork the hoards will show up for thier free meal. One unfortunate participant was perched on my livingroom window. Darwin was sitting on my kitchen window sill looking at it (through the glass) and making loud chirpping noises.

It was as if he was calling the pigeon, "Here pigeon, pigeon, pigeon...."

Of course the pigeon was like "Heck no!" and flew away.

After all it was a New York City pigeon, and they like their four footed vermin cousins (the rats) are not stupid......

Dawn Skyy

P.S.  Yes cats do chirp. I learned this from a movie named "Duma" about an orphaned cheetah cub raised by a South African family and released into the wild. Chirping is a major form of communication between cheetahs as lions are their motal enemy.

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