Wednesday, July 30, 2014

These Are Not Toys!

Last week was a bang up week for me. Ever heard that saying: "I can get into enough trouble all by myself."?

Well, I did just that. Long story short. I tripped fell and dislocated my right pinky. This meant a trip to the Emergency Room, a battary of X-rays, a doctor popping the finger back, more X-rays, a splint on said digit and a trip home with a half ream of papers and a hurtin' hand.

I get home and Darwin and Shadow take one whiff and scat. Why? The antiseptic odor, plus said splint was scary looking.

This is like the sixth day of this ordeal and I've been trying to work my hand and bend my finger. I found the hand therapy balls I'd picked up from a neighborhood Chinese shop years ago. I took them out and guess who wanted to play with them?

The black nose should be a clue.

I tell you, life is certianlly more interesting with cats...... Especially with Darwin and Shadow.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cease Fire!

An anonymous general once said. "Peace is when both enemies stop to reload."

This is Shadow and Darwin reloading.


Sunday, July 13, 2014


You know your feline family members have settled in when. They start learning bad habits from one another.

Ever since Darwin settled down and began to trust and love me he stuck to me like glue and followed me everywhere. Yes, even to the "throne room"....

Sometimes my bedroom is forbidden to him because I need some privacy. Namely, to sleep in peace without having to referee a feline version of a WWF cage fight match.....

However, I've noticed lately that when he knows I'm headed up the hall to my bedroom, Darwin will dash up the hallway, sit and wait at my bedroom door. Yes, like a dog! When I open the door, up he jumps up on to his favorite corner on my bed. I'll leave the door open and Shadow will slink in a minute or so later and join him.

But, I've noticed for the past few weeks Darwin has been doing what I call "The Kitty Bum Rush". Meaning as soon as I open the door a crack, he will rush in like a defensive linebacker! This has become very annoying especially when I must leave for work, or any other outside activity, as I keep my bedroom door closed. I've learned from previous feline house mates that they will absolutely trash my bedroom, so......

Previously I thought Darwin was the only one I had to watch out for. Apparently not. This week Shadow was caught in the act of doing the very same thing! Three times he bum rushed my bedroom door like Darwin, and gained entrance because I didn't expect him to do that! Obviously Shadow learned that from Darwin....

Now, I've got TWO stinkers to watch out for......  ::sigh::

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rear View

I call this "Downward Facing Cat". Darwin has his face towards the fan. Poor things get hot, too...

Good Boy!

It's been over a year and I see marked improvement in Shadow's eating behavior.

For example I've noticed he no longer growls while he eats. He no longer snarfs down his food in less than a minute. He no longer goes after Darwin's food immediately after finishing his. In fact, when Shadow finishes his meal, he leaves the kitchen like he has been taught to do. Instead of hanging around to intimidate Darwin.

This is progress.

However I've noticed other things. Shadow hates cat food with gravy. I guess the cat food manufacturers thought some foods would be more appealing if they had sauce. Shadow no like. I've caught him using his right paw to tease out the meat chunks and eat them, leaving the sauce behind. I would've never expected this from "Sir Greedy Gut".