Wednesday, July 30, 2014

These Are Not Toys!

Last week was a bang up week for me. Ever heard that saying: "I can get into enough trouble all by myself."?

Well, I did just that. Long story short. I tripped fell and dislocated my right pinky. This meant a trip to the Emergency Room, a battary of X-rays, a doctor popping the finger back, more X-rays, a splint on said digit and a trip home with a half ream of papers and a hurtin' hand.

I get home and Darwin and Shadow take one whiff and scat. Why? The antiseptic odor, plus said splint was scary looking.

This is like the sixth day of this ordeal and I've been trying to work my hand and bend my finger. I found the hand therapy balls I'd picked up from a neighborhood Chinese shop years ago. I took them out and guess who wanted to play with them?

The black nose should be a clue.

I tell you, life is certianlly more interesting with cats...... Especially with Darwin and Shadow.


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