Thursday, July 25, 2013

All Good Things Come to Those Who Don't Wanna be Bothered

It had to be about two weeks later when a little give or take, Cara called me all excited. Apparently one of the deacons had found another kitten at the church. Our church has a day school and he went in to open the building and while he was doing that, this little kitten comes running up to him. At a loss for what to do he gave the kit to Cara.

She kept talking the kit up. How cute he was, how sweet he was, how much fun he was. Yada, Yada, Yada.  I was tired and cross and privetely wondered why she didn't keep him. The answer was simple, Moses didn't like him. If I didn't come by to take the little guy Cara would be forced to take him to the pound. Sigh, I wasn't. Exactly feeling this.....

So I agreed to come by her house on Saturday morning after Bible class. After Bible class Cara litteraly dragged me home with her to meet the kitten.

He was cute as a button. A combination of white and tiger stripe. He couldn't be much older than three months old and he was leading Moses on a merry chase all over Cara's apartment
"Oh that's cute they're playing."  said I.

"No they're not. He's running for his life because Moses is trying to kill him." Cara replied. That sealed the deal for me!

Now the next problem was how was I going to get him home? Neither Cara or I had a carrier handy. All I had was a giant tote bag I schlepped my stuff around in. So Cara gave me a shopping bag, and I dumped all of my belongings into that and stuffed the little guy into my now empty tote bag. I hugged and kissed Cara and made my way home via bus and train.  All the while worrying about the kit, was be going to jump out of my bag? Will Biscuit do the same thing that Moses did?

On the train the kit pushed his way out but not to jump. He just wanted me to cuddle him. I distinctly recall passengers smiling at us because he was so well behaved on the subway. I was surprised too.

The real test was when I got home. Before I even got in the door Biscuit was there! It was as if he knew I'd brought home a friend for him. When I put the kit down they immediately started playing! I'd never seen the likes of this in my entire life!

Both my Mom and her home attendant were equally astonished. They probably spent the evening playing because they were both curled up together and sleeping when I left for work that night.

Biscuit stopped crying at the door from that day forth.....

Dawn Skyy.

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