Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Lonely Home

My apartment didn't feel right. After 16 plus years of having cats running around me, sleeping with me, hamming it up, and causing general mayhem. It was weird living completely alone without furry companionship.

It was weird not having a cat loudly demanding breakfast at 4am. It was strange not having to change the litter box anymore. It was weird seeing unopened cans of cat food on the shelf and no one to feed them to. It was strange looking at the kitty kibble bags next the cans. The cat food dishes sat lonely and unused on the kitchen floor. I couldn't bring myself to wash them and put them away. It was like time stood still.

It also utterly freaked me out when I went to the supermarket and automatically went to the cat food aisle, to pick up food and litter for cats who were no longer alive. That's how deeply ingrained it has been for me to live with cats.

So, it was serendipitous that rescue shop named "Social Tees"  opened near my job a few weeks later. They specialize in rescuing both cats and dogs from New York City's high kill shelters, vacinating, spaying, and micro-chipping them, then offering them for sale for a moderate fee.

After a mental and emotional tug of war with myself, I made the decision to stop by and see if they had a cat or cats for me to adopt. It was just a matter of coordinating my crazy nocturnal schedual and my days off with the shop's hours.

Please check out Social Tees  page on Facebook

Dawn Skyy

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