Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Temporary Solution

Let me tell you about Moses. No, not Biblical Moses.  Moses the cat. How did he get such a name in the first place? 

Lets begin with my church. It is a large flatroofed building with a large air conditioning unit on the roof which has its own house. One day back in 1995 a mommy cat found her way up on the roof of our church and had kittens in there. When she was well enough to move, she moved all of her kittens except Moses. I believe he was too big to get out by mommy cat so since she couldn't get him out,  she abandoned him.

The poor little kit was probably scared, cold and hungry so he started crying. That constant crying coming from the church's roof prompted several of the deacons go up onthe roof to find out what all the ruckus was about. There they found Moses and brought him down. He was given to one of the female members of our church named Cara. Cara adored cats and took the tiny kitten home to mother. Since he had been "cast upon the waters", Cara named him Moses.

She took Moses home and fed him from a bottle until he was ready to eat solid food. Since Cara was really into healthy eating, she insisted Moses eat the same way. So, he only ate organic cat food or she bought organic beef and cooked her own brand of Kitty Stew for him. I should eat so good......

He thrived and grew into a handsome Tuxedo cat. Meaning his black and white markings made him look like he was always wearing a tux, like a liveried butler.

The first real encounter with Moses was when I had to pet sit for him. I did so two times. One time before I found Biscuit. That time Cara traveled to Ghana, Africa with a group of congregants and our pastor on a mission trip. Naturally she needed someone to take care of her baby and I was it.

It was a pure joy to take care of Moses those two weeks! He was wonderful company to both Mom and I. I also found out that Moses was a fetch cat! But that wonderful time came to an end and Moses went home to Mommy.

The next time I took care of Moses, Cara want to Guayaquil, South America on another mission trip. Only this time she would be away for six weeks. Also, this time I had Biscuit.  I thought this would be great because Biscuit was lonely so I gladly volunteered my home again.

I thought since Biscuit was even tempered and Moses was a fun cat that they would get along. Perish the thought......

As soon as I opened the travel crate, Biscuit rushed to see who it was. He was instantly rebuffed by hisses and swats. I was appalled! Moses couldn't stand Biscuit and even growled at him. I never know house cats could growl! Anyway, it was too late to make other arrangements. Cara had already left.

So it was up to them getting along or die trying. Actually Moses hid in my closet and only came out to eat, wee, poo. Eventually towards the end they came to an agreement to at least tolarate one another. But,  soon it was time for Moses to go home.

After Cara came to collect her Moses, my Biscuit baby was alone again naturally. He ran around the apartment looking for Moses, and no Moses. He'd then look at me with the upmost perplexed expression.....

All of a sudden that problem of Biscuit being lonely was back again. Yes, he was back to crying again when I left for work each night.

So, the search was on again.

Dawn Skyy

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