Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hunger Strike

As I may have mentioned at nausium in the past, both Shadow and Darwin are greedy gut cats. Anything I put into their food bowls is fair game to be eaten untill both bowls are clean enough to put up without being washed!

However, yesterday I found out that there is something both won't eat. I was running low on dry food, so I stopped by the supermarket and grabbed two bags of "Cat Cafe" dry food. I usually serve both cats one handful of dry food every day. Though I knew both cats were starving, they did not touch one crumb of this stuff.  

Later, I thought nothing of it as I threw out the dry stuff and feed them canned food.  When fed their fave canned tuna, both Shadow and Darwin dived in so fast they nearly broke their necks!

I found that odd, so I tried an experiment this morning. Since I had bought two different flavors of "Cat Cafe", I opened another bag and fed them that.

Both Shadow and Darwin sat at their bowls and gazed up at me while refusing to touch a crumb. Reminiscent of law enforcement/military dogs, who are trained not to eat anything unless it's to them fed by their human partner.

Well, that was enough for me! I tossed the contents of both bowls into the trash, and added the bags of "Cat Cafe" right behind it!  I didnt even want to chance donating that stuff to anyone.

I just happened to have half a bag of another food they like and I gave them that.  Both dived in with all four paws!

I don't know what's in "Cat Cafe" but if both of my cats refuse to eat it, the product must contain something bad. I've always admonished people to listen to what you furbabies tell you. Today I took my own advise.

I could also speculate that both Shadow and Darwin are just being typical picky eaters. However, both cats were feral rescues from New York City streets. These cats tend not to be wary unless there is somthing wrong with the food.

I repeat, trust your cats instincts.

Dawn Skyy

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