Monday, June 30, 2014

Picky, Picky, Picky!

We feline lovers know that cats are picky. Having lived with felines for going on thirty years I well aware of the fact that cats are experts at being finicky.

Here are some of the things my cats Darwin and Shadow don't like.

1.    Boxes. That's right, boxes. "But every cat loves boxes", you protest. Nope, not mine. Since I didn't have any handy boxes at home I went to my local Post Office an picked up two freebie shipping boxes. I brought them home, set them up and the things litterly began to gather dust from disuse.

2.    Shopping bags. I figured if they didn't like boxes how about their brown paper cousins? Tempting Trader Joe's shopping bags were purposely left around the living room, but like the boxes, had no takers....

3.    Tuna. Now every cat loves fish right? Yes, mine love fish but they do not like tuna. I've even tried tempting them with Human tuna, to no avail....

4.  Still water. I used to put out bowls of water and discovered they were not drinking from them. Where were Darwin and Shadow drinking from? The bathtub faucet that drips!

5.  My sneezing. All I have to do is sneeze once and Shadow gets out of Dodge! Darwin on the other hand tells me "gezuntheight" after every sneeze.

6.    Aluminum foil. Darwin has this special aversion to aluminum foil. He hates the sound of it being rolled and ripped off the roll and will flee for dear life, even if he is eatting!

7.    Brushing. Darwin still hates being touched, though he does allow me to pet him a bit. However he detests being brushed. When I try to brush Darwin he bites the brush and tries to bite and scratch moi. As a result he has a dreadlock on his back.... The last time this happened I had to cut it off with scissors. Reminding me of  "The Lion Whisperer" cutting bandages off a lions paws..... 

You've got to Google him, folks! He's amazing!

Well. There you go. Two strange cats but I love 'em to bits.


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