Thursday, April 24, 2014

Isn't This Cute?

After nearly a year, I've noticed something about my two fur babies. They are tremendously loving one minute the next they are in mortal combat.

Take Tuesday for example. I came home exhausted from work and hit the rack. As usual both Darwin (gray) and Shadow (black) sleep with me. Why do you let them you ask? Because if I don't they beg at my bedroom door. The begging sounds like this..... yeeooowwww, yeeooowwww, yeeooowwww.....  You get the picture.

So, to avoid the drama..... Like that Beatles song. "Someone's knocking on the door, someone's ringing the bell, do me a favor, open the door and let 'em in...." 

I digress...

I was awakened several times by those two duking it out on my bed while I was asleep. I finally woke up and tossed both of them out. Both went snarling and hissing down the hallway to finish the battle elsewhere. I, went back to sleep....

Yesterday, I could not believe after all of the fighting the two combatants artery caught snuggling. As proof I snapped a few pictures.

Isn't this just the sweetest thing you've ever seen?


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