Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dog Food?

I've had cats for over thirty years and I've never once made the mistake of feeding them the wrong food. Last week I did.

And the poor things didn't know any better. Both Shadow and Darwin are rescue cats taken from the mean streets of New York City so to them food is food.

They just done like the holistic style food I give them. They'd rather the commercial gar-bage that has tons of chemicals and ash in it......   which is not good for male cats who have been spayed. Causes what used to be called FUSS.....  urinary tract obstruction.  Which is a very serious condition because the cat cannot urinate and must be operated on.

I had that happen to one of cats in the past, since then I've been very careful of what I feed my babies.

I digress, I think someone in this store needs to learn the difference between cat and dog foods. In most of the stores I frequent. Dog and cat foods are in different sections so they don't get mixed up like this.....

I'm glad they didn't put the human tuna with the cat food tuna......


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