Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hug And Bite

I've oft spoken about this routine Darwin likes to engage in. He dashes ahead of me as I head towards my bedroom. In a very dog like fashion if my bedroom door is open he leaps up on my bed and makes himself comfy on the foot end. Most times he does it so quickly that I don't see him. I'll sit and there'll be this grey bump on the end of my bed.....

I should've named him Lighting.....

Anyhoo.....  If the door's closed, he sits at the door and meows at me, well sort of meows, he sort of squeaks for me to open it. Of course, there are times I don't want him jumping up on my bed so I'll use my right foot to hold him back. That's when Darwin loves to do his "Hug and Bite". Most of the time I have on my slippers, which are loud pink, imitation Crocs, but last week I had on my running shoes and he went to town!

Sorry for the blurry photo. He was moving fast and I grabbed the first thing ready that was capable of taking pictures. My trusty cellphone.......

Dawn Skyy

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