Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Purrs?

Yep, you heard right, or read right. No purrs. Although my two fur babies are very vocal, they don't purr. I've had previous cats who purred loudly enough for me (who suffers from tinnitus - chronic ringing sound in the ears) to hear them. Isn't funny how cats know things like that?

But Shadow and Darwin don't purr.  If they do they don't purr very loudly. I'm guessing since Darwin was a stray and loner for so long he never learned typical cat ettiqute. How to properly use the litterbox, how to meow, how to use the scratch pole, etc. I guess purring is on his list to learn next. As for Shadow, the only way I know his is purring is when I stroke him and feel the vibrations.

Perhaps one day they will bless me with purrs. For now, they are my cuddle bunnies.....  =^^=

Dawn Skyy

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